Everyone is a Nerd

So I am just going to be honest with you all, I am a complete nerd! I was having a conversation with a friend and a security guard (yes a security guard) yesterday on video games. The security guard was saying that he didn’t want to share what video games he played because then my friend and I would think he would be a complete nerd. So naturally, we had to ask him what game he was referring to and reaffirm to him that we would not think that he was not any more of a nerd than what we already thought of him. Turns out it was some morbid online game where you could collect ears of other gamers that you killed. He said he didn’t like it because one it was too violent and everyone on their was some kind of video game nerd. He then stated that when they got killed they would then harass you and say some very inappropriate things that are very graphic and should probably not be repeated, especially on this blog.

This whole topic got me thinking that we all have something we are completely nerd out about. For some people its video games. For the ones who never leave the gym and just stand, flex, and look at themselves in the mirror it is working out and body image. For vegetarians it is not eating meat (which reminds me I have a funny vegetarian story for another post some day). For those jocks in high school it is knowing the careers of all the professional athletes within their sport. Everyone has something that they are nerdy about.

As for me, I have a couple of things that I am nerdy about. One thing is the news. I absolutely LOVE (L O V E) the news. Especially national and international news. I do not turn on the news to see who murdered who today. I turn on the news to find out what is going on in the world. If there is a mass murderer on the loose then that is something noteworthy and should be brought to light or if someone did not get due process that is something that should be distributed on the news. But the news is so that people are informed about the world and the impact it has on their life. The GOOD as well as the bad. That is the important stuff that every news network should be broadcasting. Not just to attract an audience because it is not a television show. It’s the news.

The second thing that I am completely nerdy about is history. I really enjoy politics and history of warfare. I think it is fun to look back on the history, on the politics and view the situations that caused things to happen. A lot of times though, I feel like in our history classes we focus a lot on the things that went wrong and what caused them (such as the World Wars and the Great Depression) and we don’t spend a lot of time looking at what was successful like what caused the Roaring 20s, and why the civil rights movement was successfully won. Those should be just as important to study and learn from. Normally in text books these topics are pretty much only mentioned by giving them one or two paragraphs, but they are not seriously studied giving someone a better understanding of what was occurring at the time, who was involved and their background, etc.

One other thing that I am ashamed to admit to being nerd out on are alien conspiracy theories. I do not believe them in the slightest, but they are intriguing. When I shared this with the security guard he said that watching sci-fi and letting his imagination go wild is crazy enough. He didn’t even want to conceive the idea of having a conspiracy theory on aliens mix with his imagination because that would make him go insane! Quite frankly, I can’t blame. With the stuff that I had (and for lack of a better word) studied up on it has made my imagination go wild. And honestly I think that is why I find it interesting. It is so far-fetched that anything could be a possibility.

However, the one thing I have always been nerdy about since I was a child has been the Bible and ministry. I can not get enough from God’s word. It is something that is constant. It is true. It is life changing! To hear from God the story of Jesus coming to Earth to die on the cross to forgive our sins. And that he resurrected in three days is something that once one has been brought to know, it does not easy to leave that faith because you are God’s child. You are in his hand. He leads your life. My life. I find the Bible as the most interesting book ever because it has news and it has history (no aliens – don’t listen to the history channel), but the most important thing that it has is the truth of what God has done to fix a mess that we created through His son Jesus. That is life changing.

When I was a child I had a good chunk of the Bible accounts (notice how I always use the word account – not stories – because stories imply some fiction. Account implies that it is factual and true) memorized and I knew them well. As I grew older I didn’t use them as much and they started to fade away in detail from memory. Since college a lot of those details have been brought back into my Biblical knowledge. And there is still a thirst in me today to want to learn more. One thing I would like to buy is a chronological Bible where the books and chapters are in their proper order and the whole Bible can be read as a narrative from beginning to end (put that on my wish list).

Another thing I did often as a child was play “pastor.” I had a large, button down, yellow shirt that my dad gave me to play with and used it as a robe. Then I used the fireplace as the altar. I was like 3 to 5 years old when I did this. I am pretty sure my parents have a video of me playing “pastor” somewhere in the house.

Anyways my point being is that we are all nerds in some way shape or form and there is always something we are nerdy about. I apologize for the scatter-brainness, but that is just how I roll. Thanks for reading this novel!


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