Gas Prices

Summertime is here in Minnesota finally after an extended winter this year. Road construction has started as well as the travel season and that means that gas prices go up. Two days ago gas in my area was steadily between $3.70 and $3.80. Not ideal, but that has been the trend across the nation and seems to have peaked out around those prices. However, as of yesterday gas in my area jumped to $4.19, and as of today the gas station across the street is $4.29! I am just a broke college student trying to scrape by. Gas prices like this are ridiculous no matter where they are. I have already done some searching on google to see if there was any reason for these outrageous prices and it turns out that there are shortages and maintenance going on at a number of refineries in the midwest. Apparently,there was already shortages causing gas prices to be higher than normal. I am confident that the prices will come back down after a week or two because people are not willing to pay that price for gas. Looks like it is time to tighten my belt and not go out to eat as much. This, however, will start tomorrow as I finish my McDonald’s french fries (which are unusually not good tonight) and my watered down Dr. Pepper due to the melted ice. Maybe later I can write a song about my frustration…it’s not like I am doing anything else tonight!

Here is the article that I found regarding the gas price spike from USA Today


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