The Waiting Game

Well, for my first post, I am sad to inform you it is not very interesting. This is really more of a vent of frustration and an expression of desire for things to get moving! I am currently stuck in a four bedroom apartment/dorm by myself and was told a couple of days ago that I was going to be moved upstairs to another four bedroom apartment/dorm to live by myself since I will only be here (Concordia St. Paul) until June 13. On the 13th I get to go to Fort Lewis, WA for Warrior Forge, which is a training and assessment period that all cadets go through. I am looking forward to it. It should be challenging and test me in a ways that I would not expect to be tested.

But the biggest thing I am looking forward to is internship at Trinity Lutheran Church in Urbana, IL. The start date for the internship is August 26th, but needless to say my patience for this internship to start is already being tested. I want to be thrown into a new experience away from academia and get my hands dirty with some real DCE (Director of Christian Education) type work. Lately I have been in touch with a few people at the congregation. I have heard nothing, but good news about this site coming from various people. It just makes me want to get started. I will most definitely be praying for patience as the summer goes on.


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