Recent Adventures

Well this past week or so has been really busy, but also very fun and makes me excited about what God has in stored for my future. I spent last weekend at Camp Omega where God lead me last year to serve Him in an outdoor ministry setting as a counselor there. Because of other commitments I could not reapply there this year, but it was great to go back and visit for their work weekend.

While there I ended up working with a handful of friends to help the counselors prepare for summer camp! We swept out the outposts, set up the counselor lounge, organized the canteen, had fun at campfires and other shenanigans that camp counselors do from time to time when they get the time to do anything. There were a handful of counselors there that just got certified as lifeguards which was exciting. They celebrated by going out to DQ. There were a ton of other volunteers that did various tasks to help set up for summer camp as well. It was such a joy to be at a home for a little while. Luckily for me I will be going back tomorrow for their open house and enjoy a day down there once more before the rest of the summer starts.

Earlier this week I had some good training for follow on training this summer. I am starting to get excited for it! All my gear is squared away and I have all the paper work completed. It’s going to be a good time! Before I know it I will be going home to California for a month to enjoy some R&R before internship!

Internship is another thing that I am really looking forward to. It starts in August. The end of August. Super excited to serve God in a congregational setting for the first time as a DCE intern.

Lots of traveling to do this summer as well as lots to look forward to! God is great!


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