Stuck in My Head

For the past two days I have had these two songs in my head. The first one is Easy by Sheryl Crow. It’s her new song. I heard this on the radio before, but didn’t enjoy it until recently. Now it’s stuck in my head and I am trying to learn how to play it on guitar (and that is harder than it sounds). I dig the rift and the guitar solo, but for me it’s a work in progress.

The second song is Copperhead Road by Steve Earle. This one has been driving me nuts because out of nowhere I start dancing and people give me weird looks as I line dance in lines at the mall by myself.

Anyways I thought you might want to share in my torture. Enjoy the videos, but enjoy the songs even more!

And just for kicks, here is what the line dance looks like so that you have a clear image of someone doing this randomly at the mall.


One thought on “Stuck in My Head

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