The Past Few Weeks

Wow! What a crazy past couple of weeks! Where to start?

Well I guess from the beginning is as good as any other (as long as I can remember it correctly). My last week or so at home in California with family was great! Most of the family got together in the midst of a busy time for all of us. I was leaving to come here to Urbana, IL, My cousin was getting married, nieces and nephews (and cousins) were all going back to school! August this year had to be one of the busiest months in 2013.

The first destination on my trip out here was DISNEYLAND! So many memories from that place from when I was child, and it has a way to make you feel like an eight year old again. Seeing all the characters, the fireworks, Fantasmic and of course the rides took me back. It was some great time with my family down there too with my parents, my aunt and her mother. Truly one of the happiest places on earth!

After two days at Disneyland, we stopped in to see a cousin down in the area. That probably was the highlight of that week. I missed a family reunion last summer so stopping by to see them was great! Even though we were only there for a night, it was great to know how close my extended family is. From there we traveled to somewhere in Colorado, then Nebraska, and then to the Twin Cities.

While in the Twin Cities it was good to connect with some friends. While that was not the point for going there (the real point was to grab all my stuff out of storage) it was good to reconnect and hear what other people were up to and planned on doing. After taking care of business on the first workday of the week, I started my trip to where I am now in Urbana.

The welcome from the congregation I am serving my internship at (Trinity Lutheran Church) was a warm welcome! It was great to meet people for the first time and start to get to know them all. Unfortunately when you meet 200 people in a day, you only remember about 10 names and the faces that they go to. So that is going to be a huge challenge for me. One member of the congregation said that they will forgive me for forgetting names until the end of October, but after that there will be no forgiveness. The pressure is on!!

I am looking forward to the upcoming year! After two days in the office I can tell that I will be challenged in ways I have never been challenged before. Also it is weird not knowing any body in a new town (other than the congregation members). That is one of the biggest difference I have already noticed from college life to real world life. Meeting new people is not the easiest thing. However, it is all in God’s hands and I am looking forward to what he has planned for Trinity and myself this year!

Until next time (which might be tomorrow. I am beginning to dig the Starbucks spot!)


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