10 Facts Just ‘Cause

Here are 10 facts about me just ’cause I haven’t blogged in ages. (Yes I am still alive, but busy).

1. My favorite beer is Blue Moon. Hands down. I’ll drink other beers just to mix it up. But when I go somewhere for a drink, it is more than likely gonna be a Blue Moon. I don’t care if its not on special. (And I open with this because “I Love this Bar” by Toby Keith is currently playing on my Pandora radio station).
2. Mexican food is where it is at. I always eat too much. And I don’t care if it is Americanized. Sure authentic Mexican food is best, but the Americanization of the food is good too. Also far less healthy.
3. I do not like making phone calls. This is something new that I learned about myself recently. I much rather talk to someone face to face than over the phone.
4. My favorite color is black.
5. I put Worcestershire sauce on my macaroni and cheese. Don’t knock it ’til you try it!
6. I miss playing cards…and Yahtzee!
7. It infuriates me when people stomp on their breaks to stop on yellow lights. It’s a yellow light people! It means be prepared to stop. Not stop right now.
8. Speaking of road rage, it also infuriates me when people get on the freeway at 40 miles per hour. The speed limit on this freeway is 70. I understand you have a free lane for two miles, but I want to get around you NOW without getting into a wreck. #californiadriver
9. I have switched from sleeping on my stomach to sleeping on my side over the past year. And my neck still hurts every morning from it. I guess that’s what I get for not using a pillow.
10. God is good.


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